The XBomb Homepage

This is a version of the minesweeper game for X Windows.

Why XBomb not another version?

Have you ever played minesweeper on a grid that is other than square in shape?
Try playing on a hexagonal grid or for a challenge on a triangular grid.

The game has three levels, based on the size of the grid:

The tiles in the grids can take one of three shapes: There is a high-score table for each of the sizes of each of the types of grid.

Hexagonal Grid

This is the easiest of the three grids, although the endgame can be impossible. There are 6 neighbours to each of the tiles.

Hexagonal example

Square Grid

This is the traditional grid shape. There are 8 neighbours to each of the tiles.

Square example

Triangular Grid

This is the most difficult of the three grids by a long way. There are 12 neighbours to each of the tiles.

Triangular example

Version Status

The latest version of XBomb is version 2.2b.

Recent Changes

After 9 years without modification version 2.2 adds different colours for the different numbers and the ability to use just the left button to clear areas marked as free of mines.

After another 5 years a change of website address and a bug fix make it time to release version - 2.2b.

Full History

Version 2.2b of xbomb released on Fri Aug 15 2014
Version 2.2a of xbomb released on Sun Nov 29 2009
Version 2.2 of xbomb released on Tue Jan 22 2008

Version 2.1a of xbomb released on Sat Apr 10 1999
Version 2.1 of xbomb released on Sat Jan 24 1998

Version 2.0 of xbomb released on Wed May 10 1995


The source code for the versions listed above are in the download directory.


The complete source code history can be browsed in the Subversion viewer which also has a list of the latest changes.

The source code can be downloaded from the Subversion repository with a command like the following:

svn co xbomb

Release Policy

Starting in 2013 there will be two types of software releases (if needed):

Formal releases which are the traditional method used for this software with version numbers like 2.2b. These will continue to be released when there are major changes or important bug fixes and each release includes full updates for release documentation. For these releases announcements will be made on this web page and with a new file in the download directory which includes an RSS feed for notification of new files.

Informal, intermediate, releases which have not previously been used for this software and will have version numbers like 2.2b-svnxyz. These will be used for small bug fixes or minor improvements to functionality. For these releases there will only be the software and directly related documentation changes, not a complete release documentation update. These informal versions will only be available from my new web site download directory and included in the RSS feed found there.


I am happy to answer questions that you have about the program, just drop me an email to the address at the bottom of the page; don't forget to put xbomb in the subject so that it ends up in the right mailbox.

Alternate Versions

A version of XBomb with a 'Cipher' mode, which assigns a random letter to each number other than 0 has been created by Mark Andrew Gerads (Nazgand on Github). The source code can be downloaded from Github.